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Remark Editor : remark-editor

Online Markdown editor made with Unified Remark Rehype.

Affi Code Generator : affi-code-generator

Amazon and Rakuten Affiliate HTML code generator.


Micro blog app made with PHP and Vanilla JS SPA.

List Repos : list-repos

Show your all GitHub repositories. Made with Vue.js.

WebRTC Video Chat : webrtc-video-chat

Simple video chat app.

TypeScript Express Boilerplate

TypeScript and Express boilerplate.

Birthdates : birthdates

Birthday management app made with only single HTML file.

Neo's Python Note

Simple note app made with Python CGI.

Python MeCab CGI

Optimized for XREA server.

Nemui-Gacha.js : nemui-gacha-js

Returns a negative expression at random. Made with React and kuromoji.js.

Web Camera Light Sensor

Notify with Slack that the light in the bathroom is on. Made with only single HTML file.


Returns a negative expression at random. Made with Python and MeCab.

iOS Memo Icon Generator

Put memo on iOS home screen. Made with only single HTML file.

Perfect Yu Gothic

Investigate Windows Yu Gothic font rendering.

node-calc-cli : @neos21/calc-cli

Calculator on CLI.

PoC : Only Once Server

You can access the web page only once.

OCI CLI on Docker

OCI CLI on Docker.

PSM CLI on Docker

PSM CLI on Docker.

Neo's Ruby Bookmarks

Micro bookmark app made with Ruby.

pmw : Package Manager Wrapper

Wrapper script for package managers.

Bookmarkletify : @neos21/bookmarkletify

Bookmarklet code generator.

Document Templates

SE document templates.

Neo's PHP Micro Blog

Micro blog app made with PHP.

Multi Cam

Example of iOS Swift application. Take multi videos with AVCaptureMultiCamSession.


Download mp4 from m3u8 file.

igsv : @neos21/igsv

Download Instagram images and videos on CLI.

twsv : @neos21/twsv

Download Twitter images and videos on CLI.

Terraform Private OKE Cluster With Bastion

Terraform boilerplate.

Just Tweet : @neos21/just-tweet

Tweet on CLI.


Search markdown files.

Compare Colour Contrast Ratio : @neos21/compare-colour-contrast-ratio

Compare colour contrast ratio.


Text encoder made with Angular.

NPM : Neo's Password Manager : @neos21/npm

Simple password manager.

Neo's Hatebu : neos-hatebu

Filter Hatena Bookmark entries made with Angular, Express, Heroku.


Markdown-based Wiki system made with Angular.

VSCode Extensions : Non-Italic Monokai Theme : vscode-non-italic-monokai

A theme based on the flatland-monokai TextMate Theme.

Neo's Normalize : @neos21/neos-normalize

Neo's Normalize CSS based on Normalize.css.

Angular Utilities

The utilities made with Angular.


Colour Code Converter.


Compile SASS / SCSS in the browser.


GitHub contributions generator.

HTA Memo

A simple memo app made with Windows HTA.

Unlock Excel Book Password

Unlock Excel book password made with VBScript.


A simple DB client tool made with VBScript.

Fork : Bootstrap3 Glyphicons

Includes only Glyphicons components of Bootstrap v3.3.7.

Fork : @neos21/template-html & @neos21/gulp-template-html

Generate static HTML files from templates and content files.

Fork : Cordova Background Video

A simple Cordova / Phonegap plugin to capture video and then display it onscreen via a transparent overlay.